Ok… so the March Madness took a little…. break (shall we say). I’m on a MAJOR deadline crunch and blogging videos takes FOREVER so I had to take a few days off. But the good news is that I will extend the marathon for an extra week!!

Anyway, for today I want to share a couple of films that are close to my heart. My Dad just got all our old film (I believe it’s Super8) transferred and sent me a little bit of it. Totally priceless stuff!! I didn’t really edit this or anything, but just put some music underneath. These vids are short but they are so cute! This first one was filmed around probably when I was in 4th or 5th grade. The beginning is of me and my brother messing around before one of my softball games (which by the way, I sucked at) and the rest was filmed at the cabin we used to rent every year in Breckenridge. At the very end you’ll have to watch as I open my very own Cabbage Patch Kid (Talulah) for Christmas!

The second video is my first filmmaking debut – I was having some fun filming and as well as acting in front of the camera LOL! (BTW… Drake was my junior high school so this video was done a little later). The beginning is me filming our new house when we first moved into it. The kid with the broken arm is my brother and my sister makes a short appearance I think!


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