The most important element of an Elysium film is the element of YOU.

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The Elysium Difference

Yes, our films have a certain style, but each one is crafted to capture our couple's personalities, their style, and the vibe of their event. You’ll find yourself either very engaged in any one of our films or not so much. This means we are doing our job well :) After all, if we’re creating films specifically catered to each couple, you are going to gravitate to the ones where the couple and the vibe are most like you.

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We don’t film for a pre-determined edit (see above!)

This means we tend to shoot a lot more footage than many studios so we have a huge amount of footage work with in the editing suite.



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Yes… you are the stars on your wedding day but we think it’s kind of important to document all your guests, family, & friends (as well as you) having a blast at your awesome party!

Speaking of party… yours is going to be a lot of fun!! We want to capture and display those moments too vs. just the romantic moments.