Destination Wedding in Europe

What could be better than starting your love story with a destination wedding in Europe? From a romantic countryside with classic charm or to a historic city location with unforgettable architecture, planning your destination wedding in Europe is sure to lead to your happily ever after. 


Celebrate your love with a destination wedding in France. With everything from a charming chateau in the French countryside, to the iconic Eiffel Tower located in Paris, also to be known as the “City of Love,” France offers unique and traditional venues to make all the wedding dreams come true in this beautiful country. 


Seclude you and your guests together for a destination wedding they are sure to never forget. With timeless natural landscapes, the old-world charm of a historic pub, and the dramatic island views, Ireland will bring everything to your wedding, you will just need to provide the guest list and a few vendors including a photographer and videographer to capture this incredible location and the memories you will never forget. 


Known for its world-renowned cuisine, your menu will not disappoint at your Italian destination wedding. Get married in the historic city of Rome with timeless architecture. Tuscany provides endless views and a romantic escape. With classic charm, Venice will have you  leaving your reception in a gondola more in love than when the day started. From Rome, Tuscany, and Venice, Italy will be a perfect destination for your wedding in Europe. 

Great Britain

Taken from the pages of a classic fairytale, Great Britain has historic castles, churches, and abbeys that will leave you feeling like the King and Queen on your wedding day. The incredibly diverse scenery and options for venues – from the bustling city of London to the picturesque countryside – will justify Great Britain as the most romantic wedding destination in Europe. 


If you are picking a location in Europe for your destination wedding, Spain would be highly desirable. From the scenic coastlines with beautiful beaches and delicious food with the perfect sunshine,  your outdoor wedding will be everything you dreamed of. However, if you have dreamed of a classic Spanish wedding with cobblestone streets and whitewashed buildings, Spain will offer everything you wished for.