I absolutely adore this couple.  I feel like we bonded before we even met them.  Two of the most genuine people I know!

Louise & Jona are Scottish (if you couldn’t tell by their accents) but now reside in Abu Dhabi because of Jona’s work.  They wanted to have a destination wedding for all their friends and family so they picked the south west coast of England in order to have the best chance for good weather (plus it’s kinda gorgeous there).  They also wanted to avoid a “cookie cutter” wedding, so they (ok mainly Louise LOL) ended up planning a very unique, relaxed, yet elegant day for all of their guests.

The funny part is that the weather in the UK this spring was literally cloudy, rainy, and cold for something like 90 days straight.  It was like this when we arrived there.  But on the wedding day, the clouds broke and we had a gorgeous day of weather and light.  It was a dream.

The wedding day itself had a really cool and different schedule.  The ceremony took place in the early afternoon, and then guests enjoyed cocktails and lawn games before the reception.  The reception was a sit down dinner inside Polhawn Fort with some of the best toasts I’ve ever heard in my life (Seriously… people from the UK know how to give a toast.  I should know because I’m married to one and our best man was Alex’s best friend from his childhood.  He gave a great toast at our wedding.)

After dinner, it was outside for more cocktails and lawn games while the room was re-set for the party.  The dancing, eating, and drinking continued until late into the evening.  It was a total blast to work with this couple and I know we will be friends for a long time.  It was also great fun to travel with and work alongside our good friend Victor Sizemore.  We shared a lot of great food and of course pints plus a lot of great laughs along the way!


Every single is a beautiful, the wedding, the bride, the dress, the view and the country, i knew i always fall in love with England


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