When I first met Kim & Nathan in Vegas, I was immediately smitten with them. OK… so the martini that they bought for me helped, but seriously this couple is AWESOME!! Their love for each other is clear. You can tell that these two LIVE for each other.

Nathan is part Irish but had never visited Ireland. December 10th was a special date in their lives so they knew they wanted to get married that day. So heck… why not a small intimate wedding at Ballyhannon Castle in Ireland on December 10th? The couple planned the entire event from abroad without even a site visit!

Travis Hoehne and his wife were there for the photos… and they seriously rocked it. WE LOVE THEM and check out the photos that they took HERE

And before any of you ask… yes… it was cold. VERY cold… but we enjoyed every minute of it :)

Oh and did I mention that the bride wore a red dress??


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