Check out Dani & John’s Highlights! Love their 50’s “getaway” car!! It was a fun wedding and beautiful as always since the Turnip Rose is such a lovely place to hold a wedding! We worked alongside Jim Kennedy who works as fast as he talks making for some great images!


Ok…so I had to steal your song for my myspace…but wow! You two look so happy! Super awesome video! Congrats!!! :)

Very nice I must say.

Beautiful wedding and great video!

Enjoyed the wedding and having everyone sign the guest book!

es, the chicken strip thingies were amazing…and the alcoholic beverages… :D great wedding. lets do it again some time

i heard there were yummy orange chicken sticks….mmmm

wish i could have gone! xoxo your (original) cuddle buddy ;)

Pastor Don Johnson – awesome minister!

Best wedding couple and awesome event.

nice wedding video… you both look great

Best wedding video ever!

love that car-beautiful wedding & video!

Miss you guys! Great video!!!

I agree with abbra- your baby girl is going to be gorgeous!! =)

A beautiful way to start a life together

What a beautiful wedding video and the perfect song.

This video caught so many of the wonderful moments.

You guys are so good looking(especially in this video), baby girl Sopko is going to be beautiful!

so, so beautiful…what a day

It was such a beautiful and special Wedding ~ Just like Dani and John!

Awesome Video Sopkos!

Danie, your wedding dress is so beautiful!!!

Did I forget to mention, What a great looking couple you are. Elsie

What a wonderful video. Loved your picture on the stairs, and by the car.

Yes, Elysium captured your beautiful wedding well

Elysium did such a great job on your video

two thumbs up!! =)

I agree with a previous comment, I love the picture of you guys by the car….. very cool


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