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Kathleen & William

erica & michael

"Wow, we are speechless at all of these videos!! They are incredible and so moving. We are loving reliving every minute of it! Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day and giving us the best lasting memories. We really appreciate all of the hard work that went into making these. We really can’t thank you enough and hope we get the chance to work with you on something else in the future!"

"Oh my gosh my heart is beating SOOO HARD watching this - so lovely !!!!! So many beautiful moments captured and so much fun energy. Wow. So special to be transported back to that day. Thank you!!!"

bride and groom kissing inside a porsche from their parker palm springs wedding
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Kathleen & William

Hannah & Andre

"We loved the videos!!! Wish they were 24 hours long... It's so nice to relive this especially now with the way things are. I would like to let you know that the gentlemen who were there filming all day were so great and made us both feel really comfortable which I personally really appreciated."

"WOW... thank you so much. You captured every single moment so perfectly... we have just binged watched the entire collection... we have laughed & cried A LOT... even my brother cried!!!

This is just what we needed during this crazy time!! It was so amazing to relive our special day all over again.... we will be watching the highlight video every day for the next month!!!

Thank you again <3"

Campbell & John

“Wow, we are so thrilled with all of these videos. Elysium, thank you so much for your incredible work capturing our most special day. It has been a light in a crazy time to relive the best weekend ever through this stunning and heartwarming videos! We will cherish them forever.”

Kylie & Michael

"I am actually speechless! I knew you guys were going to be good but you have exceeded our expectations 10 times over. This video captures EVERYTHING and is so unbelievably us!! I cannot tell you how thankful we are and how much we love and appreciate what you captured of our special day. You are truly gifted! I have watched it 10 times already today and probably won't stop for the rest of my life. Thank you so so much!!"

Michelle & JR wedding in Santa Barbara

Danielle & Ian

"Thank you so much for this!! We have already watched this sooooo many times and I have cried (the happiest tears!) EVERY time!

We really can't thank you enough for all the work you put into capturing our wedding and preserving these memories for us forever!! We are so thankful to have this amazing video and to have worked with your incredible team!! Thank you for helping us relive the best day of our lives over and over again!!!


Michelle & JR

"We absolutely love it all and couldn't be happier with how it turned out. THANK YOU for capturing our day so perfectly and beautifully. I've watched it so many times and it brings me such happiness."

Weekapaug Inn, Rhode Island wedding filmed by Elysium Productions

Claire & Bill

Kimmie & Mike

"Thank you so much for sending our highlight video through! We're quarantined with my family right now, so Bill and I watched together last night and then rewatched with them this morning -- such an appreciated jolt of happiness (and togetherness) during isolation! It's like getting to relive one of our favorite nights over and over again. We were so surprised by and grateful for everything the videographers managed to capture and so impressed by how clearly the editors seemed to understand us and recreate the tone of that day. Truly can't thank you all enough."

"The video is AMAZING!! We absolutely love how the highlight film turned out. Thank you so much for capturing our wedding day and allowing us to re-live it last week. We needed that in this crazy time :)"

Athena & Albert

"Awesome, thank you so much! I'm downloading them now.

We've watched the highlight reel about 50 times now. Still can't get enough of it. It's everything we hoped for and more! Can't tell you how happy this makes us while we are sheltered at home."

Hayoung & Pepe

"The video is awesome. It was phenomenal to get it now also, we are on our honeymoon at the moment :)."

Ashley & Rick

"We just watched this together and are BLOWN AWAY! You guys captured our day perfectly. Every detail, every important moment, every beautiful word spoken - you absolutely killed it. Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined a better way to remember this special time for us.

Thank you again x10000 - I can’t tell you how much the care and love that was so obviously put into this video is appreciated."

Lindsey & Tyler

"Ahhhh! WE COULD NOT LOVE THIS MORE! Thank you sooo much for capturing the day so perfectly - we're over the moon and so happy we had you all as a part of our special day. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! :)"

Becket & Devon

Katy & Charlie

"This is PERFECT! We love it so much. Thank you. This perfectly captures our day and our love. You all are incredible."

"WOW!!!!! Charlie and I just had a chance to sit down and watch this together after the most hectic week at work, and we are simply blown away! Thank you so much to you and your team for your spectacular job capturing what was truly the most incredible day, and for helping us to relive it now. We simply can't thank you all enough. Thank you thank you thank you!!!"

Jacq & Matt

"Oh my God. I can't stop crying and shaking. This is the most beautiful video I've ever seen and the way it brings me back to that day fills my heart up to the brink with gratitude and joy. We cannot even begin to believe we get to watch this back over and over again for the rest of our lives.

Thank you SO much for giving us this beautiful memory. We are ETERNALLY grateful!


Ashtyn & Jerry

"We love it!!!!!!! All the good memories came flooding back - I’m crying again. It’s so perfect - thank you to the whole team!"

Sophia & Max

Tori & Darrius


We just watched it and are SO overjoyed!

Thank you so much for sharing and major kudos to everyone who worked on it. It’s honestly so well done and so fun for us to see!"


You made me cry all over again! This video was absolutely beautiful! Thank you soo much I feel like I can relive this moment over and over again!! I’m so grateful! I need to show the world this dope video and everyone who put this together for me."

Rachael & Ben

"Here is the feedback from my dad :).

WOW... So Beautiful... I'm crying right now!!

Mission accomplished from the Elysium Team :). "

Whitney & Kevin

"Wow! This video is beyond amazing and way exceeded our expectations! It has brought our families to tears multiple times and brings us all back to that day! Everything was perfect and I can’t thank you enough!!

Thank you!!!!"

Molly & Blake

"Thank you SO much for sending this over - what a VIDEO! I've now watched it 8 times and have cried every single time - thank you for so perfectly capturing our day!"

Leigh & Josh

"OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I must have repeated those words a million times while watching- I am completely blown away!!!! I’ve never cried and laughed so much and all at the same time. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this amazing film that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

We got to watch it for the first time while being back in St. Louis, with my entire family!! We are over the moon. Every single one of us.

You guys are so talented. We cannot thank you enough."

Kaitlyn & Robbie

"WOW, thank you so much for the incredible videos! Robbie and I are speechless, it is better than we could have ever imagined! We know your team put so much work into making this video what it is and we are so thankful to have something that we will cherish forever.

Thank you!!!!"

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