Some of you might have seen my tweet back on August 6th about how we were the surprise wedding gift for a couple getting married that day.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  We were the gift from the Bride to the Groom!  Needless to say he was excited (and a little confused at first) see us there but the surprise didn’t end there.  We were also editing a Same Day Edit.  We kept Mike (our awesome SDE editor) tucked away so Scott wouldn’t see them.  When we started to set up the screen & projector midway through the reception he was probably even more confused!  The bride had everyone sit down and when the film played, there were lots tears and lots of clapping.  It was truly a spectacular surprise… and a unique one at that!  It was such a pleasure to be involved in Christen & Scott’s wedding which took place at a friend’s house on Balboa Island.  My navigation system told me the long way to go to get to their house… which means I took a ferry (I didn’t even know there was a ferry!!) but it all worked out because I put the camera on the truck and got a great timelapse of the drive across the water and around the island.

We worked alongside Skye Blu Photography and amidst a ton of Found Rental’s vintage furniture.  So in other words… it was a really fun day.  Congrats Christen & Scott!!


Tissue box indeed! OMG….I am so sorry I had to miss this highly important day for my best friend and her amazing husband Scott! But the video captured so many beautiful highlights, I almost feel as if I was there! Congrats to you both Christen and Scott. I wish you nothing but happiness and joy as you venture the journey of life together. Match made in heaven…. You truly look like you are both so in love with one another. Cheers to you both! Scott, even though I have not had the pleasure of meeting you, I already feel like I love you! Thank you so much Scott for making my Christen the happiest I’ve ever seen her!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Jule and Alex Hill, you guys are beyond talented and super amaing!! This video gave me goosebumps!! The moments captured are priceless and I just love how you can make this happen THE SAME DAY! It was such a pleasure watching this that night and living the beautiful moment of this wonderful gift to Scott from Christen. Truly fantastic!! Julie, your are right…I need to have you do this again, but in HD :)

AMAZING!!! I loved watching it again today, but was truly speechless to experience it that night! What an amazing gift from Christen to Scott! Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, and beautiful video!!

Wow! Give me the tissue box! Your wedding was so romantic and beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.

OMG!!! You are amazing!!! I was there and you guys find such an incredible way to capture all the beauty of the day in your great camera angles and shots. I have already recommended Elysium to two other girlfriends I have getting married. You guys are great!! I cant wait to use you on my special day!! :)


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