Can Photographers Do Video Too?

When it comes to wedding vendors, videography can fall by the wayside due to it being an intangible portion of the wedding experience. Couples struggle to understand the value of a video with some couples struggling to justify the cost of a videographer. With photographers and videographers both shooting with a Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera or DSLR, some photographers feel as if they can take on the task of videography and substantially increase the cost of their services. Photographers can definitely do video, but the question is, can they do video well?

There are a few important questions for your photographer who claims he or she can do video. Do they have videography experience? If so, can they share their portfolio? How will they shoot video if they will be photographing? Will they hire someone to shoot video for them? What is their experience like?

Photographers who venture into videography prematurely may not be educated enough and do not have the experience to flawlessly execute a wedding video. 

  1. When taking photos, photographers have the freedom to shoot vertically and horizontally. That freedom is not extended for videography so the photographer may capture clips vertically that are useless for the final video. 
  2. The photographer may capture a two or three-second clip but is most likely unaware that video clips need to be a certain length so that it is usable. 
  3. A photographer may have the same camera as most videographers but they are not used to switching lenses to capture the many focal lengths to ensure the guests or even the couple fit into the frame. 
  4. Audio and the need for equipment such as microphones, lighting, and stabilizers are often overlooked.  So, when your video is delivered, you essentially have a carbon copy of your wedding photos in a slideshow format or a music video. Imagine, the vows you poured over, the speeches that made you cry, the intimate and magical moments, the story of your day, and that make you reminisce over your wedding day are all excluded! 

While some photographers may pull off the production of a wedding video, you have to ask yourself, is it worth the risk? With all of the time, energy, and effort you put into the big day, is it worth the risk? Book with a true professional, hire a wedding videographer!