This week we are involved in a really cool project… to film all the behind the scenes action of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover – Home Edition” for the awesome builder – SC Homes. I was really skeptical that this show was really filmed in seven days but boy was I wrong!! I can’t believe the logistics of the project… just crazy! What’s so awesome about this is that everyone (including the cast) are so accommodating and so nice!! The producers & directors help us get as close to the action as possible. Way cool! Now I really shouldn’t say “us” because I am not there (well I was on Saturday, but now I’m manning the office). Alex is shooting the rest of the week alongside Victor Sizemore who is shooting the photos. Another friend and coordinator, Sharon Gall, designed the VIP tent! Anyway, I can’t tell you any details about this episode, but I can give you some hints: It will be a 2 hour episode and they are actually building 3 structures (including a ginormous house for the awesome family). Everyone involved says that it’s one of the most complicated and intense builds they’ve ever done! Anyway, stay tuned… can’t wait to post the final video!! BTW… say a little prayer for the end of this week… they are predicting rain!!

Here’s Alex and Victor right before the demolition
extreme makeover
And Alex freezing at night


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