How cool would it be to not only get married in the same location as your parents, but also your grandparents’ house that just happened to be designed by your grandfather?  Ya.  We thought so.

They met while both working at AOL – Sammi wasn’t used to be challenged and Rob got under her skin right away. After about a year of working together and being friends first, with feelings becoming more and more obvious, we decided to “give it a try”, “do it right”, and “take it slow.” Our first date was a Knicks game, our second date was brunch at ABC Kitchen in New York City…and we pretty much haven’t spent a day we are both in town separate ever since.

Rob nailed the proposal. Sammi isn’t an easy person to surprise, but while she was focused on planning her dad’s 60th birthday party last August 22nd, 2015 at her parents’ beach house in Dewey Beach, DE Rob was working on plans of his own. As family and best friends were starting to come into town for the birthday weekend, that Friday (August 21st, 2015), Rob asked Sammi to go for a beach walk before all of the weekend craziness started. After walking down the beach for a little, Sammi announced she had to go to the bathroom so could they turn around…thinking on his feet, Rob lead Sammi up the beach before saying what he had been planning to say and pulling out the ring box from his bathing suit pocket. We got to share that amazing memory in private just the two of us, and then when we finally walked back to where we had left our stuff on the beach there was a big crowd of all Sammi’s family and Rob’s parents had come in for the surprise. That night ended up being the best family engagement party. The proposal overall could not have been more “us” – still in bathing suits, straight out of ocean, on the beach, and the combination of getting our private moment but then celebrating with our family and friends.

The Team:

Venue: Private Residence
Planner: True Event
Photographer: Leila Brewster
Floral Designer: Hana Floral