Awe-Inspiring Aspen Elopement

The views!!! You are not going to forget this one. Check out Rachel and Felipe’s Aspen elopement with awe-inspiring views atop Aspen Mountain. For them the mountains, trees, and fresh air seemed to call them both. Well, the awe-inspiring stage for their elopement was all set. This is how their love story began: “We made contact, brown eyes to brown eyes on a late spring night in San Angelo, Texas. I was visiting my best friend, Leslie, who was friends with Felipe and wanted us to meet. He was tall, dark, handsome with a smile that warmed my heart. We spent the weekend together, picnicking under trees and sipping Albarino. By the next weekend, he was driving to weekly to Fort Worth. By the next month, he swept me off my feet and into the warm waters of the Bahamas. We laughed, played, talked for hours and there – fell in love, on the sandy beaches of Nassau. Not long after, Felipe moved to Fort Worth and into an apartment downtown with me. He opened a restaurant & needed my computer skills, so I quit my job and dove in headfirst. I fell more and more in love with him as I watched him rock his chef game. There’s something about a man, slinging steaks over a wood-fire! Two and a half years into our love affair, we became pregnant with our first. Something in him changed, instantly. We were inseparable, vacationing all over the world, eating good food, and dreaming of our future. I had no doubt, but seeing Felipe fall in love with our baby boy, Lincoln was indescribable. Such a beautiful thing to watch, fatherhood flow so naturally from the man you love. Life was moving at such an incredible pace, as Felipe built our empire. Three houses, five new restaurants, and countless race cars later we were ready for another baby! We were moved into our dream home for 3 days before we found out about our pregnancy with baby girl. After welcoming Penelope into our world, Felipe could not stay away! We’ve spent the majority of the last year, cuddled up at home with home-cooked meals, traveling the world with two kids in tow and spending quality time together. Wherever the universe takes us next, by his side is where I want to be.”

Check out Rachel and Felipe’s awe-inspiring Aspen elopement below.

The Team:

Venue: The Little Nell
Planner/Designer: The Little Nell
Floral Designer: Sashae
Photographer: Tara Marolda
Hair & Makeup: Lather Salon
Dress Designer: Casablanca Bridal
Bridal Shoes: Maison Valentino

Videography for Aspen Weddings

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