I just realized that I haven’t blogged about Wedding Life in a while! Wedding Life is the ULTIMATE wedding resource out there for Orange County… highlighting some of the most crazy cool talented people out there that can make the wedding of your dreams come true. Here’s the deal: When you get engaged, it’s hard to know where to start. I know. Been there, done that. So Alex helped create Wedding Life so that a newly engaged bride can have access to the best of the best in OC right at her fingertips. And BTW… Wedding Life isn’t your average online resource site. Believe me… we know there’s a lot out there on that world wide web thingy! But what makes Wedding Life TRULY UNIQUE is that you can watch short episodes about each vendor. You can get to know THEM and their personalities and see if you’ll click w/them before you even meet them. But anyway, I digress!! If you book a vendor through Wedding Life, you’ll receive something that I wish I had on my wedding day… a strapless robe to wear while you are getting ready (and of course it’s still useful after the wedding!) Anyway, check out this short vignette telling about the robes and be sure to visit Wedding Life and see what it’s all about! Already married (I know you’re out there blog stalkers) then pass this along to a friend who’s getting married! Oh and did you know that you can upload your OWN video to the Wedding Life video section? I’m dying to see a series that a bride creates of her planning process. We’re talking down and dirty videos with your home video camera. Any takers? I’m sure fellow brides would love that!


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