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Below you will find a handful of wedding videos (hint… scroll down to see them all!). These are all real weddings, with real couples, and each one took place at the stunning Aspen Meadows Resort.
We hope these videos can provide you with loads of indispensable inspiration.

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From the bride... "I was at a birthday party and a friend of a friend, Dan, asked if I was single. He told me one of his great friends was moving to Denver in a few months and we would hit it off. He showed me pictures of Ben and I said "set it up!". He never did...but almost a year later Ben and I matched on a dating website, The League. I immediately recognized his photos from the ones Dan shared with me. We briefly chatted through the app and then Ben asked me on a date. His availability was limited because he traveled often for work so we settled on a dessert date on a Monday night. I had book club before the date so I was one glass of wine in when I walked into the restaurant. As soon as I saw Ben, I smiled. I could sense his positive energy and spirit as soon as I spotted him. It was a great first date. Ben locked in the second date before the first one was over. We were to get dinner on Thursday night. We quickly had our third date on Saturday - a yoga sculpt class followed by breakfast, followed by spending the evening together. We really enjoyed each other's company and wanted to spend as much time as we could together. Within a month of dating, we took a trip to Florida in October and it become clear this was an incredibly special, momentous relationship. In December, we traveled to New York, snuck into the bar at the Plaza, and Ben told me "I have every intention in asking for your hand in marriage". By January, Ben was recruited to cofound a company in San Francisco. He told me, "I am not sure about this opportunity, but I am sure about you. I don't want to pursue this opportunity unless you want to come with me to San Francisco.". We agreed to move to San Francisco in October 2019. Before our move, we traveled to London, where Ben romantically proposed in a candle filled greenhouse in the Oxfordshire countryside. We moved to San Francisco a week later. We are happily living in San Francisco and are so excited to get married in our forever home, Colorado. Oh and Dan, who never set us up, is a groomsman in the wedding :)"

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"We met while both of us were in graduate school at Emory University. We have many mutual friends and so we like to tell people it was through running in similar circles. But truth is, we met on OkCupid. We often wonder how long it would have taken us to get up the courage to find out if the other one was interested in gay and move from friendship to lover. Luckily we spotted each other online first. Our first blind date was at a small pho restaurant in Atlanta. Sasha's profile said it was her favorite kind of food and Rachel had never had it. We met for what was ostensibly a friend date because we were both new to the city and were in the market for good people. The friend thing went out the window pretty much immediately. Sasha took me back to her warehouse studio apartment that was impeccably decorated and we finished a bottle of wine on her roof."

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Aspen Meadows Resort Weddings Filmed by Elysium Productions