Besides being the only “all inclusive” package we provide (meaning everything’s included… High Def, Same Day Edit, extra shooters, Apple Pro Res editing, etc. etc.) this package also comes with a really nice feature. Previews of the edit in progress! Video editing is a linear activity – meaning that everything is effected by everything else (like if you take out a clip, there will now be an audio track underneath that doesn’t match and the rest of the clips after are not aligned with it). This makes it very difficult to give clients a “proof” like photographers do. A photo album is not linear, so a photo can easily be replaced with another. As you can see, this is quite a quandry! So ever since we’ve been in business, we receive all our input from our fabulous couples before we begin editing. They fill out a detailed form and even audition music to use on our 500+ track online jukebox (or provide their own music). This ensures that the video delivered is perfectly suited to them.

However, our Arthouse Platinum package goes above and beyond this as it comes with special previews. These previews show the edit as it is in progress. This way the couple can give their input and I can make any changes, BEFORE they will effect the rest of the sequence. This allows the clients to become partners with me in the video creation process.

I wanted to share the 1st preview of the edit I’m working on right now for Ashton and John. Keep in mind that this is a WORK IN PROGRESS. No filters have been added yet, the audio is not leveled, and it’s just plain not perfect yet!

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