I ran across this video on my Hard Drive yesterday and thought I’d post it again, since it’s on our old blog which is pretty much dead. I edited this for one of our local ABC meetings that was highlighting new trends in event videography. It contains footage from several OC studios who are members of ABC. The purpose of this video was to educate people in the wedding business that video has come along way. Many people (including most brides) still envision a wedding video as being super cheesy and technically horrible. When in fact, many studios are using very sophisticated equipment and filmmaking principles once only reserved for Indie filmmakers. Post-production time has increased in general, by 200 – 400% due to the creative process and use of non-linear editing. Anyway, I love this video because it has footage of my grandparents’ wedding in 1948 which is literally priceless! Hope you like it as much as I do! And you’ll probably be able to tell that I was working on this at the same time as our new demo as I used the same song and some of the same clips.

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