I don’t really have words for this one. You’ll just to have to watch! Congratulations Christie & Andrew!!

Elysium Productions: Contemporary & Stylish Wedding Video in Orange County & Beyond!


Hi Beth!! Yep… the fireworks were real!! Wish every wedding had them LOL!

What an amazing beautiful and romanctic couple! I welled up several times and the editing/story kept going and going that I didn’t want the story to
end! Perfect venue, thoughtful editing, moving music! Bravo to all involved!! One question: Were the fireworks real?

omg.. were did you get your shoes from? i love them.. i am getting married this year and i have been looking for your shoes!!

Hello, My name is Vanda and i’m from Portugal. I’m a BIG fan of your work and this film is so amazing…!!!! Can you tell me who’s singing this new
version of Here comes the Sun of the Beatles??? Thanks

This is truly a work of art. Its absolutely breathtaking and timeless. Congratulations to you guys at Elysium and the happy couple

LOVE LOVE LOVE this, beautiful footage and very well put together, keep rockin guys!

Watching the love these two had brought happy tears to my eyes. The friends and family were so loving and supportive and the whole day looked
perfect :-)

This weeding is beautiful!! I have to ask the bride…where did you get your dress?

I love you Julie! I don’t have words either…just tears and tears and more tears. This is is amazing. I don’t know how to thank you guys..


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