This holiday weekend brought Elysium some super fabulous weddings and Paris and Kevin’s was definitely included in that group! Paris and Kevin chose The Pelican Hill Resort as the beautiful setting for their special day. Before I begin, I have to mention how much I LOVE Paris’ wedding gown, absolutely stunning!! Sunny from White Lilac did an extraordinary job with the florals and decor as always. Paris gave her a few guidelines and let Sunny’s creativity flow- so cool when a bride does this! And who better to capture this day through their camera than Samuel Lippke who is always so great to work with. This day was so fun to shoot, especially since both families were awesome! The bride’s sister and Maid of Honor, Pooneh, helped plan everything from long distance, which just adds a special touch in itself. Enjoy a glimpse into Paris and Kevin’s amazing day with their Same Day Edit!


Saladine mou leipeis… Pantos an to megka edeinxe anti gia to kolaraki tis Julias, to diko sou, tha eixe akomi megalyteri tiletheasi.Sovara, symfono apolyta me ta osa les. O Pagkalos einai o anthropos ton eidikon apostolon. Prota erxetai o Papoutsis gia na tholosei ta nera me to sosialistiko tou fronima kai meta o Pagkalos gia na sfixei xana ta louria. Gia to de Mega den milo. Eimai eugnomon stous anthropous pou mou emfysisan traumatiko sok gia tin tileorasi. Pleon den vlepo oute eidiseis. Eilikrina tous euxaristo pou mou anoixan to myalo kai katesfaxan tin opoia periergeia eixe apomeinei gia ton parallilo kosmo mesa apo to gyali tis.

the bride was stunning! and that dress!! ::swoon:: congrats!

Love the evil eyes in the bracelet, Beyond stunning!

Absolutely amazing…I can watch this over and over again…and I will. We are so thrilled at the prospect of seeing the final edit. You are a super-star Julie, THANK YOU :-))))))) Paris and Kevin Levy

Excellent work and congrats again!

Absolutely beautiful and elegant.

Paris & Kevin, Your wedding was such a beautiful celebration of two wonderful people sharing their hearts & happiness with their friends & family. We had a blast! May you continue to celebrate life’s glorious adventures together for years to come… Love. Oranoos

You guys did a fantastic job … Julie you are the best. Can’t wait to see the complete version. Pooneh.

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