Well if you’ve been a blog stalker for the last few years you’ve noticed that every year about this time we introduce a new company photo taken by one of the OC’s best. This is year is no different. We asked Jasmine Star to meet us in downtown Santa Ana to “git-r-done” and I am SO stoked about how these photos came out. Not only did we have a blast doing this with Jasmine, but it was also EASY! She made us feel so comfortable (and kind of like rock stars). I had my hair & makeup done by Design Visage – they are the ABSOLUTE BEST for weddings (and obviously other stuff too!). Anyway, here are some of the pics… but there are a few more on Jasmine’s Blog so check them out. She rocks!!

Oh and if you didn’t notice, our team has changed a bit! Let me introduce the awesome new team members: Jeff Young & Carolyn Templin. You’ll see Jeff out a lot at weddings.. he’s an awesome shooter & editor and just an all around great guy! Carolyn is super sweet and so efficient it makes me sick. She has helped us come to the point of basically no capture back-log in our editing dept! And of course you already know the super cool (and very super model like in these photos) Kyle Nalley, and then of course it’s me and Alex. Love the shot that Jasmine got of just us :)





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