Team Edward? Or Team Jacob? We say Team Ting & Che!! This awesome and creative couple opted to incorporate The Twilight movies into their special day at The Langham Hotel. And speaking of Special Day, Carolyn Chen did an awesome job planning this stylish event and with floral design by Nisie, how could one go wrong?! Ting and Che’s 10.10.10 wedding went off without a hitch, and Victor Sizemore (who was celebrating a birthday) was there to capture the day through his lens. Check out Ting and Che’s Same Day Edit!


Congratulations to Ting Ting and Che, What a Great Wedding, I missed! and Thanks to Photography did such Wonderful work to present your Wedding!

It was the wedding to end all weddings! My jaw dropped and I didn’t bother picking it up because it’d drop again 5 seconds later. Loved that this video was short and sweet! Now every time I hear this song I think “Ting & Che’s wedding.”

“Chan Clan” You sound like a gang! A gang that roams around the dangerous streets of Arcadia. haha! The last thing this world needs is more Che’s running around. But we do need another reason to throw another party! I’m already bored cause now that the wedding is over I have nothing to do! I need another hobby or some way to kill time. Otherwise I might have to go back to the interesting world of selling insurance.

Cathy: Did you see how I tried to get you a raise on Langham’s Facebook Site? :) If it doesn’t happen, I TRIED! If it does you owe me lunch!

Amazing. Everything was amazing – the bride and groom, the vendors and staff, the food, the location, the music, etc… The video captured soo much of that day! Can’t believe it was thrown together that fast-can’t wait to see the other video!

Thanks everyone for the shoutouts! There’s nothing nicer than our couple, their guests, the bridal party taking the time to tell us great job and to say thank you. But most importantly, it was Ting & Che who entrusted us with their wedding day, so thank you to them! And of course, thank you to ELYSIUM for their uber talent. If you think the SDE rocks, wait till the Arthouse Edit!!!

Amazing work as usual Elysium! What a beautiful couple you are Ting and Che and thanks for the honor of hosting your amazing wedding here with us at The Langham. Carolyn, another spectacular job! :)

Sooooooooooooo incredible

I miss your wedding. Please have a repeat….with Che again of course!

Congrats to the most beautiful couple I know! Love the wedding, love the dress…everything was perfect! Now all you need is some Che jr’s running around.

What a great wedding! The video makes everyone look so pretty – especially your flower girl, she is soooo cute!

Congratulations, Ting and Che! The video is a perfect keepsake of a wonderful event – great job, Elysium!

The wedding was wonderful and the video captures it perfectly! Very professional job of photography and editing – best wedding video I’ve ever seen.

Congrats you two! A great video to top off a great wedding!

Best wedding of the year. The video is amazing.

Congrats Ting & Che! This was such a beautiful and well organized wedding!! Everything from the ceremony to dinner, it’s the best wedding I ever been to! The video was piece together so well, it’s just perfect.

That looks amazing and is so beautiful, Congratulations to a beautiful couple!

You do such fantastic work! I seriously can’t watch it without tearing up everytime…everything is perfect, beautiful, extraordinary, gorgeous!!! You really know how to capture every moment and make it last. Great Job! And of course the video couldn’t have been as great as it was if it weren’t for the happy couple ;) Congrats Ting and Che (and Edward)!

Beautiful. Quite a production. Could’ve done without the Twilight crap tho. :)


The video was hands down the highlight of the wedding! I can’t believe you guys made this amazing video on the same day! And of course the video wouldn’t have been that amazing without the work of Carolyn and her team from The Special Day. Not only was I lucky enough to witness the most perfect wedding but I got to be part of it!

Thank you Ting! What a beautiful event!! I will pass it on to Erin and the ladies @ the salon.

I’ve watched the video probably over 10 times already and I still can’t believe that it’s me and my wedding in the video! Thank you for capturing my special day so beautifully and making me look so pretty in the video! Getting SDE was one of the best highlights of my wedding and there were a lot of great highlights! Thank you Julie and the rest of elysium staff for making us such an awesome SDE. The song was perfect choice! (good job to Carolyn on that one)

Elysium, from the bride and groom of this particular 10.10.10 wedding. Awesome SDE of the actual day! I cannot believe that even the first dance was incorporated into it! The flow and transitions were absolutely perfect and very well put together. Even the beats to the song coincided with each cut.

BEST WEDDING I EVER BEEN TO.. probably ever will… Video was wondering and KUDOS to the same day edit! The entire day was just beautiful. SO GLAD I WAS APART OF THIS!


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